2020 marks 30 years from the foundation and is the starting point for new exciting paths towards an evolution primed to reach new frontiers. This begins with the renewal of our image choosing a more contemporary take to assert our identity. We regard this transformation phase as a great opportunity to reaffirm our company’s identity and values.
Based on a stylish, neat font combined with essential features, the new logo delivers our philosophy through a circle and a square crossing to create a soulful image. The SQUARE symbolises our rational self and it epitomises our technical side, our engineering capacity and quality commitment. This attitude allows us to be always at the forefront in the development of highly performing, reliable and technically advanced luminaires.
The CIRCLE embodies our irrational self, our creativity and inventiveness, vision and intuition. It translates into our quest for harmonious design and maximum flexibility in the creation of lighting tools capable of winning the most demanding challenges.
Merging into our company logo, these graphic signs create a visual intersection emblematically connecting two opposite worlds to generate a unique brand identity, blending boundless creativity and technical know-how into a success formula.