Water features under the spotlight

Mainly conceived for aesthetic and decorative purposes, water features enhance the overall visual appeal of outdoor spaces and bring the allure of flowing water into public or private gardens, urban areas, water parks, and entertaining spaces. 
Lighting up water features, such as ponds, natural swimming pools, fountains, streams and waterfalls, can turn even the plainest location into an interesting focal point.  Whether it is a three-tiered fountain in a historic square, a rambling stream in a private garden or a spectacular waterfall in a huge park, lighting shows off water’s magic after dark in an eye-catching way.
GRIVEN’s range of underwater LED projectors, enhancing both the structure of the most diverse water features and the flowing or still waters they contain, allows for greater drama between light and shadow and creates a strong visual interest and movement, while delivering a new dynamic dimension at night. 
When it comes to highlighting water features, GRIVEN offers a complete range of underwater LED lights, from the larger Maxi WaterLED and WaterLED MK2 to the compact Mini WaterLED and Micro-Dive MK2, whose extraordinary luminous efficiency combines with a wide optics selection, an AISI 316L stainless steel housing, an IP68 protection rating for the most flexible design solutions.
The ideal choice for a huge variety of submerged installations even in chlorine water and marine environment, GRIVEN’s underwater range grants a dynamic, reliable performance without compromising the usual low consumption rates.