New anti-slip treatment on recessed fixtures available now!

The demand for anti-slip glass treatments on recessed lighting fixtures installed in pedestrian areas has steadily increased over recent years, in order to reduce the safety hazard on public as well as private grounds. On request, our recessed luminaires will offer a dedicated anti-slip treated glass, specifically customized according to the different optics distribution of each model. 
Recognized for its remarkable qualities in light transmittance and aesthetics, this specific treatment relies upon ultra-fine sand particles, which, mixed to a special white varnish, are mechanically applied to the glass surface through a silkscreen printing process. The following quenching procedure vitrifies the mixture delivering to the glass surface a rough, opaque consistence, which perfectly defines, according to the required design, the selected anti-slip areas on the glass surface. 
This higher grip solution delivers durability, longevity and proven results to the treated surface, allying discretion, light transmittance, durability, and safety while adding an undeniable sophisticated touch of design to the recessed fixture. Moreover, this treatment assures no restriction of light flow along with a  superior resistance to surface contamination from dirt, oils, chemicals, liquids, food, etc., making it a must for every high profile recessed installation.
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