UK - GRIVEN sponsors the illumination of the Building Centre

Located in Central London, the Building Centre is an excellent venue for a variety of events. Its seminar rooms, boardroom and galleries lend themselves to conferences, meetings, product launches, drinks receptions and various exhibitions curated throughout the year, which cover a wide spectrum of topics within the built environment. Expert speakers and tutors provide talks, seminars and short courses on innovative projects as well as materials.
Organized by the Nordeon Group UK, the so called “Light Friday” was held on March, 3 starting at 6 p.m. right at the Building Centre to officially inaugurate the new façade lighting of the building. All the companies of the Nordeon Group had the possibility to display, for the first time together, their own fixtures in this prestigious location. GRIVEN and Hess have lit up the front façade of the Building centre in a permanent way with an array of their outdoor LED fittings, making the venue look more attractive at night.

An array of Jade 16 and Parade S-DW-20 and 40 were installed on the façade of the Building Centre to enhance in bright lively colours and in dynamic white tones its main features. 

PARADE S-DW-20 and 40 (Dynamic White) are tunable pure white light modular and adjustable super flux, high luminance bars featuring 20 or 40 warm and cold white LEDs grouped in clusters of 4 LEDs each. Benefiting from state of the art dynamic white electronic colour temperature correction, PARADE S-DW-20 and 40  feature the very latest premium quality high power LEDs, coupled with a variety of high build and design lenses, for the utmost optical efficiency and balanced projection even on close-up installations. PARADE S-DW-20 and 40 are available also in a dedicated release, the Polar Edition, featuring an integrated de-icing system with electrically heated glass, which assures a comfortable functioning even in the utmost severe cold weather conditions.