Russia - Volkhonka Mansion goes yellow for the National Geographic Traveler Awards 2016

Volkhonka Mansion is an amazing palace, which harmoniously combines history and modernity in its architectural features. The building is located in Moscow’s city centre, right in front of the Church of Christ the Saviour, close to the Kremlin and Novy Arbat Street. In the last years of the XVIII century the mansion was part of the famous Pretchistensky Palace, Moscow’s residence of the Empress Catherine the Great. Moreover, besides many important Russian families, the Mansion hosted over the years, as an official state property,   Astrakhan regiment barracks, Asian ambassadors, the Moscow provincial gymnasium, the Forestry Institute, the University of the Chinese workers, and many other institutions, such as the Ministry of Forest Industry, the Ministry for the production of mineral fertilizers and so forth.
One of the best places to organize events of the highest level, Volkhonka Mansion offers all conditions for truly unforgettable hospitality experience in the very center of Moscow. Its ballroom was specifically built for official ceremonies and royal receptions at the court of Catherine II. Nowadays, the Mansion is still amazing in its solemnity and well-preserved in the décor and furniture of its luxurious interiors. The beauty and majesty of the grand staircase, the gallery of noble iron, a spacious double-height hall, a huge crystal chandelier and its unforgettable glow are all elements, which recall the magic atmosphere of the XVIII and XIX century’s courts. 
On November 17, 2016 Volkhonka Mansion hosted the solemn ceremony of the National Geographic Traveler Awards, rewarding the best tourist destinations in 2016. An initiative of the National Geographic Society, one of the world's largest and most prestigious nonprofit scientific, educational, and travel organizations reaching more than 450 million people worldwide, this event was in its sixth consecutive edition, and raised a growing interest from the tourism industry players, as well as from the general public. 
GRIVEN official exclusive distributor for Russia, DSL Company, was charged with the official technical management of the event. During the ceremony evening the façade of the historic building on Volkhonka Street  was lit up in yellow, official brand colour of National Geographic, while its logo was projected on the main façade in order to reveal the kind of happening was going on inside. The bright, intense yellow shade splashed on the mansion’s walls was provided by an array of POWERSHINE MK2 S with medium and wide optics in RGBW colour configuration. On the other side, the National Geographic logo in a cold white shade was delivered by the gobo projectors GoboLED 80 D and GOBOSTORM PLUS MK2 in order to make the front entrance of the building an unmissable attraction during this celebration night.
With all the renowned, uncountable advantages of the single powerful LED that is fitted with, the IP65 rated GoboLED 80 D projects a bright and accurate rendition of graphic designs or logos in outdoor and  indoor locations with the help of a dichroic or metal gobo. GoboLED 80 features greatly performing linear 0 to 100% electronic dimmer, strobe and black-out facilities. With totally smooth and silent gobo indexation, 4 gobo rotation speeds in both directions can be selected in automatic mode, while, in DMX mode, clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation speeds are growing and adjustable from 0 to 100%. The ventilation system, acting only when necessary, is also distinguished by a totally noiseless operation, whereas manual zoom and focus functions combine with more in-built beam angle tuning options to provide with maximum design creativity, dynamism and flexibility the most demanding design and application requirements.

GOBOSTORM PLUS MK2   is an IP65 high power zoom optics gobo projector, which can project changing images plus colour changes in combination with other special effects. Presenting an attractive bodywork restyling, this newly engineered release features a totally smooth and precise indexation along with an even more silent and fluid clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation speed. GOBOSTORM PLUS MK2 is designed for easy installation and programming. Its efficiency and reliability, even in the harshest weather conditions, have also been further improved by the newly implemented OLED display, allowing a flawless performance even in low ambient light conditions. RFU (Remote Firmware Update) and RDM (Remote Device Management) functions witness the technological upgrade. GOBOSTORM PLUS MK2 has on board programming facility for the indexable rotatable gobo, colour and effect wheels. The special effects (three-facet prism, five-facet prism, distortion and frost filters), enriched by the trendy shake effect, offer extensive creativity with abstract or pattern images along with mechanical strobe, dimmer and black out functions. All these features, including the remote lamp ON/OFF setting, can alternatively be operated from an external digital controller for a maximum of 11 channels of DMX. Zoom and focus are manually adjustable and the projection angle range can be extended by the narrow and wide lens options for more flexibility with image size and projection distance. GOBOSTORM PLUS MK2 is an authentic opportunity for advertising, logo or image creation in any outdoor urban environment.