Italy - Lighting up the Carabinieri Memorial in Citta' di Castello

Città  di Castello, October 8, 2016
On the occasion of the celebrations for the 90th anniversary of the Carabinieri National Association activities, a parade of representatives of military, civil, and religious authorities proceeded to the Memorial located close to the city walls to commemorate the victims of the Carabinieri corps.
For this and for future particular events, the public lighting committee of the town has commissioned, as part of a project carried out by Enel Sole, an LED lighting system in RGB + White colour configuration. This newly installed equipment is capable of highlighting, in the typical red and blue colors of the Carabinieri corps, the Memorial located in a historic area of the town very close to the suggestive context of the city walls in a high density traffic area. The project is part of a larger plan, which aims at enhancing all the places of historical and cultural significance of the town in a new light.
An array of Jade 16 RGBW was used to light up this memorial with the help of a functional accessory designed to regulate the light direction avoiding side dispersions, the louvre. Owing to this recent up-grade, lighting designers have now the possibility to focus light, white or colored, on a default object with no side interferences nor leaks. The louvre is now available as an optional accessory for a variety of round-shaped LED lighting fixtures - such as Ruby MC, 16 Jade, and Jade 9 - for the utmost visual and functional comfort.
JADE 16 RGBW is a newly engineered rounded spotlight, which houses sixteen high power RGBW LEDs, as well as in-built electronics and power supply unit. Providing a vibrant and brilliant colour palette from such a compact chassis, JADE 16 RGBW features functional efficiency whereas spectacularly dynamic lighting performance is assured by digital control of all functions, either onboard for standalone operation, with Master-Slave selectable for multiple unit synchronization, or from external DMX512 controller. In order to access functions like DMX addressing, stand-alone operations and DMX channels configuration you must use our Infrared Remote Control (Code Ref. AL1321). The wide choice of selectable optics groups, ranging from narrow aperture beams to elliptical wide distribution, and the aiming orientation adjustment further enhance JADE 16 RGBW maximum flexibility for any surface mount application purpose. JADE 16 RGBW Polar Edition features an integrated de-icing system with electrically heated glass, which assures a comfortable functioning even in the utmost severe cold weather conditions.