Nordeon Group International projects

As part of the Nordeon Group, we would like to share with our readers international projects finalized by our sister companies around the world. This month we will focus on NORDEON and one of its latest indoor lighting intallations in Eindhoven, NL

Igluu, founded in 2009, is the first coworking community in the Netherlands: a place that allows ambitious professionals to work, meet and network in a pleasant and flexible environment. After the opening of the offices in Utrecht and The Hague a new branch was opened in 2011 in the Light Tower in Eindhoven. Therefore Igluu was looking for a lighting solution that would contribute to a warm, luxurious look and chose Baldur, the LED light line system from Nordeon. Located in the former Philips lighting factory Igluu was ironically looking for suitable light. The company brought the coworking concept itself in practice and approached Nordeon, located in the same building.
„With us all starts by design,“ says Bert Franse, one of the three founders. „Other companies usually only look at the functionality or the atmosphere of light. For us, the space itself is the most important, since we rent it after all. To enhance the design of our flexible facilities, we wanted lighting that not only would improve the atmosphere and be functional, but also contribute to the design itself.
Baldur LED light line system „Made in Germany“ success in the Dutch city of light.
It is for a good reason that the system has been named Baldur. In Nordic mythology, Baldur appears as the godhead of light and beauty, an appropriate name for the stylishly designed light line system. The cross-section of this design is only 25 percent of that of a conventional light line system and LED drivers of Nordeon Skadi spots remain hidden in the trunking. According to Franse people are excited about the system with Skadi spots that is now hanging in one part of the space: „One thing customers notice is that the light is less diffuse and ask themselves when the rest of the space will be illuminated the same way.“ Two years payback time Igluu wishes to provide an attractive workplace for an attractive price to its customers. The choice for Baldur contributes to their goal because the system’s investment is paid back after two years. The Baldur system with spot lights reduces the energy consumption of lighting by 80 percent compared with conventional solutions. In combination with a daylight-and presence-dependent control even higher savings are possible. In addition, the minimization of the installation and maintenance costs play an important role.
Since for Igluu the focus is on design, it is not surprising that the company has chosen for the Nordeon Skadi spots. These represent a perfect fit with the Baldur LED light line system with its harmonious and stylish design with minimized dimensions. Like Baldur, the name Skadi comes from the Nordic mythology. As the goddess of the hunt Skadi always hits her target. Similarly, the lighting beam of this spot brightens the space of Igluu in the Light Tower. The light in the former Philips bulb factory keeps, 100 years later, symbolically glowing with the Nordeon Skadi spots.