Libya - Lighting inspired celebrations

During four days of celebrations, which started on Tuesday, 1st of September  2009, Libya staged an impressive show parading white-robed horsemen and gold-turbaned dancers as jets streaked overhead to celebrate the Libyan leader Colonel Moammar Gadhafi 40th ruling anniversary.
Besides military bands and fireworks displays, Tripoli’s gorgeous night celebrations included also the illumination of 22 venues, where GRIVEN’s renowned colour changers contributed to deliver a stunning outdoor lighting show.
The available phorographic material comes from  Al Kabir Grand Hotel, which is a cultural attraction located in the heart of Tripoli, that acts as the official hospitality headquarters of all delegations and dignitaries visiting the Libyan capital. This prestigious hotel doubtlessly represents one of the most interesting venues which has been successfully decorated during the four celebration days with the help of GRIVEN’s KOLORADO MK3 2500 series. These popular colour changers offer an extremely powerful light output, which allows a perfect and uniform colour coverage. All the projectors employed in this event have been provided by GRIVEN’s official dealer for Malta,  Nexos & Co. Ltd., a well inserted company in the newborn Libyan lighting scenario.

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