Hong Kong - APA in full swing

Established by Government Ordinance in 1984, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts is one of the leading institutes of higher arts education in Asia. It provides professional education, training and research facilities in the performing, theatre and entertainment arts, film and television. Its educational policy reflects the cultural diversity of Hong Kong with emphasis on Chinese and Western traditions.
The Academy located on the Wanchai waterfront, houses a complex of performance venues which are considered amongst the best in the world for their design and up-to-date equipment.
To further enhance the whole structure of the Academy, by night, 3 units of GLOBE MK2 7000 and 54 units of PARADE D27 were placed above the roof of the APA main building at the end of this summer to celebrate the beginning of the academic year 2010.
GLOBE MK2 7000 is a single beam moving head searchlight that gives a powerful beam, which can be electronically adjusted between 1º and 11º angles. The 3 units installed at the Hong Kong Academy, provided an extremely brilliant display, highlighting the building and creating a unique live experience in the surrounding skyline.
Offering a highly flexible light output,  54 units of  PARADE D27 were placed on the perimeter edge of the roof giving a hint of colourful brightness to the whole border of the complex. These newly designed units feature an IP67 weather protection factor for virtually any normal exterior application. Moreover, the PARADE series can be placed in any position and in any orientation, with their compact size and low weight assisting easy installation.
We would like to thank Mr. Peter Chong of the company Prosperity Lamps and Components for providing us with the pictures of this installation.
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