Mexico - A sinuous game of light

Located not far from Mérida,  the archeological site of Uxmal, Yucatan, has attracted many visitors since Mexico's independence. Considering its outstanding universal value, it was appointed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1996.
The ruins of the ceremonial structures at Uxmal represent the pinnacle of late Mayan art and architecture in their design, layout and ornamentation, and the complex of Uxmal admirably demonstrate the social and economic structure of late Mayan society. Thanks to its good state of preservation, it is one of the few Maya cities where the casual visitor can get a good idea of how the entire ceremonial center looked in ancient times.
Considered one of the high points of Mayan art and architecture, the so-called Nunnery Quadrangle is part of  the ceremonial site of Uxmal. Deriving its nickname from Spanish conquerors, it was actually a government palace, and it is now considered the finest of Uxmal's several quadrangles of long buildings with inside and outside elaborately carved façades.
Recalling the Mayan mythology, which considers reptiles as a symbol of rebirth, renewal and regeneration, a snake of coloured light has been displayed on the walls of the Nunnery Quadrangle with the help of 40 GRIVEN Gobostorm Plus.
GOBOSTORM PLUS is a fully weatherproofed (IP65) outdoor use high power zoom optics gobo projector, able to project changing images plus colour changes, which can be combined with other special effects. Using a 575W metal halide lamp with a high precision optical group, GOBOSTORM PLUS can project images with high brightness and clarity. The high power lamp gives the ability to project at long distances or to create enormous impact when used for closer projections.
We would like to thank the Cancun branch of Teletec Mexico for kindly allowing us to use the pictures of this installation.