Austria - Wörgler Wasserwelt

Imagine floating in a highly-concentrated brine bath with Dead Sea salt at body temperature and experiencing the climax of relaxation, gorgeously surrounded by an array of extraordinary water luxuries… a strong sole bath with volcano springs, a tropical rain shower, a pent pool with champagne massage jets … This paradise on earth does really exist: Wörgler Wasserwelt “Wave”, Tyrol’s finest high-quality relaxation and health centre.
With up to 8% salt content  the pool of Isla Sola is one of a kind amongst other similar pools, where salt concentration always ranges between 2 to 2.5%, owing to its aggressive action on technology. The lighting effects used in this particular pool to further enhance the relaxing atmosphere with the help of changing chromatic effects, had therefore to stick to precise technical standards and resist to the utmost severe water conditions.
The SUPERMARINE BRONZE LED projector is a high quality LED colour changer, specifically designed for underwater applications, which require a high protection degree from salt corrosion. SUPERMARINE BRONZE LED, with its pressure die cast bronze housing, features an IP68 (Full Dry) weather protection rating and is the appropriate choice for a huge variety of submerged lighting installations, such as the Wörgler Wasserwelt “Wave” pools.
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Antoniusstrasse 126923 Lauterach Austria
Tel +55 74 82 82 9 33 Fax +55 74 82 82 9 99
Wörgler Wasserwelt “Wave” - Wörgl - Austria
LD Eng.: Martin Walch
Photos by Christoph Ascher