Serbia and Montenegro - New Railway Bridge

New Railway Bridge, as it was simply named, was finished in 1979 as part of an initiative to redirect the railroad traffic away from the central city area. Two years ago the new plan for the whole city of Belgrade was to transform the night exterior appearance by illuminating its bridges.No doubt the new lighting concept should start from the New Railway Bridge, as its high spines, rising 53 mt above the horizontal line of the bridge, were dominating the entire area.The new IP65 architectural series by Griven was the perfect outdoor tool to wash the steel surface and create an attracting colour changing design.The full-scale project required a total of 52 Griven IP65 colour-changing projectors, for three different models, ranging from 150W to 700W fixtures.All the projectors are part of a comprehensive lighting installation where DMX protocol control the limitless possibilities concerning the practically boundless colour selections available.The live result is breathtaking and only after the new lighting project was accomplished the people of Belgrade were able to re-discover the bridge itself and become aware of its size and proportions.The company SVETLOST TEATAR of Belgrade, our agent for Serbia and Montenegro, has developed the project and for additional information you can contact them at the following details:
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