UK - The Glittering Prize

When the Bolton Wanderers found their new house at the Reebook Stadium, they needed something that spoke of their newfound greatness. Enters The Spirit of Sport a sinuous token which is known among locals as the Glittering Prize. GRIVEN is immensely proud of being at the heart of such jewel with a diamond of its own, the TRIDENT CYM 150, the ultra compact and slick IP66 colour changer that is one of our best known winners.Its strong performance coming from such a space saving unit, the fully weatherised IP 65 controller and its digital technology are some of the reasons why the TRIDENT CYM 1500 has a competitive edge that just can't be matched.
The contact details of our UK exclusive dealer can be found here below:
Complete Light & Sound Services Ltd.Unit 23, Castle Rd.Kingsnorton Business Ctr,Birmingham B30 3HZ, UKTel.+44 1214862021Fax +44 1214862028E-mail: