GRIVEN World Lighting Challenge of Italy, a private limited company founded in 1990, has established itself as one of the world leading manufacturers in the architectural lighting market, featuring a comprehensive catalogue of proven quality, high reliability and fully weatherproofed lighting fixtures capable of offering the industry professionals the most innovative and alternative solutions at all times. A full range of acclaimed colour changers, sky trackers and a complete collection of products for the theatre market are available worldwide from a well-selected network of specialist outlets. In its quest to keep ahead of a constantly expanding market, GRIVEN has taken on board the LED technology in 2001 for an increasing number of lighting fixtures, which have already become a must in the entertainment and architectural markets. These professional LED lighting solutions incorporate the very latest energy efficient solid state technology and offer high profile equipment for the widest range of applications. A state of the art collection of surface mount, modular, linear, recessed, underwater and visual display projectors that can enhance, with spectacular effects and the boundless versatility of its dynamic and green lighting source, the most demanding lighting shows. Innovation and durability have always been core values at GRIVEN. Nowadays, sustainability and efficiency have become new engineering guidelines for products which are proudly made in Italy and the result of high build and design standards.
Mr. Louis Van Uden
Managing Director
Mr. Danilo Bettinazzi
Director of Sales & Marketing
+39 335 271296
Mr. Paolo Defendi
Sales Manager
+39 345 4749315
Mr. Marcello Balzanelli
Sales Manager
+39 348 2262931
Mr. Giuseppe Dedola
Sales Manager
+39 347 5911784
Mr. Giacomo Zago
Assistant Sales Manager
Ms. Eliana Masetti
Marketing Manager
Mr. Silvio Pederzani
R & D Chief Engineer

Mr. Giuseppe Froio
Product Engineering
Mr. Luca Rubes
Production Supervisor
Ms. Milena Comparin
Account Manager

Ms. Rosella Faganelli
Purchase Manager

Ms. Luisa Paletti
Shipment Supervisor
Via Bulgaria 16
46042 Castel Goffredo
Mantova - Italy

Satellite coordinates:
Latitude: 45°16'45.76"N
Longitude: 10°28'40.72"E

  • There are several airports available in our region.

    Three of them can offer intercontinental connections:
    • Milano Malpensa MPX (180 km from Castel Goffredo)
    • Milano Linate LIN (130 km from Castel Goffredo)
    • Rome Fiumicino FCO (540 km from Castel Goffredo)

    Four of them are available for passengers travelling
    from European countries:

    • Brescia VBS (25 km from Castel Goffredo)
    • Verona VRN (60 km from Castel Goffredo)
    • Bergamo BGY (90 km from Castel Goffredo)
    • Bologna BLQ (150 km from Castel Goffredo)

  • You can reach our headquarters by means of car.

    From Milano Malpensa MPX Airport:
    A8 motorway direction Milano Nord;
    A4 motorway direction Venezia (Venice);
    Leave the motorway at Desenzano del Garda;
    Follow road sign to Mantova then Asola;
    Finally turn towards Castel Goffredo.
    Milano MPX - Castel Goffredo:
    180 km / 2:45

    From Milano Linate LIN Airport:
    A4 motorway direction Venezia (Venice);
    Leave the motorway at Desenzano del Garda;
    Follow road sign to Mantova then Asola;
    Finally turn towards Castel Goffredo.
    Milano LIN - Castel Goffredo:
    130 km / 1:45

    From Roma Fiumicino FCO Airport:
    S296 direction G.R.A. and A1 motorway (to Firenze);
    A1 motorway direction Firenze, then Bologna;
    Change to A22 motorway to Modena (Brennero);
    Leave the motorway at Mantova Nord;
    S236 direction Brescia;
    Follow road sign to Marmirolo, then Goito, then
    Finally turn towards Castel Goffredo and follow
    Roma FCO - Castel Goffredo:
    540 km / 6:15

    From Brescia VBS Airport:
    S236 direction Carpenedolo;
    S343 direction Castel Goffredo;
    Follow road signs to Castel Goffredo.
    Brescia VBS - Castel Goffredo:
    25 km / 30

  • The nearest train station is in Desenzano del Garda (25
    km away from Castel Goffredo).
    This station finds itself on the Milano-Venezia route.

    There is one train connecting Milan to Venice every 30
    Please make sure yours stops at Desenzano del Garda
    before you board it.
    Taxi service is available outside the station.